There are so many outdoor activities to explore in Arizona. New adventures require new education and skills. This site is designed to meet your predetermined goal (hike the Grand Canyon) or help you discover a new hobby that you may not known youwould be interested in.  Below is a list of activities that will provide suggestions for classes and programs that you can take to build your skills and knowledge around a particular outdoor topic. Don’t see your activity, use the form at the bottom to provide us feedback. We are always adding new nature walks as they are identified.

What Are Nature Walks?

We have adopted the term “Nature Walks” to describe how we have organized the different programs that we share with you from many different providers to match whichever category you should choose. Whether you’re searching for fishing activities, camping activities, educational activities or you just want to know where to go for a hiking program, Be Outdoors Arizona has what you’re looking for.  

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