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Be Outdoors Arizona would like to help children and families connect with nature. One way we are doing this is through Nature Walks. If you are a parent or youth leader looking for ways to get your kids outdoors, please read further and find your nature. If you provide events or programs for families and children to experience nature, please go to the “Build A Nature Walk” tab under “For Organizations.”

What Are Nature Walks?

A Nature Walk is your path to discover nature and the outdoors. Like any path it has a beginning, a place where you have first impressions, examine your preconceived notions, and make decisions. If the beginning of your path is fun and pleasing you are likely to continue down the path to see what’s next. Our aim with Nature Walk is to make sure you have a successful beginning engagement with nature, and then opportunities to continue having rewarding experiences in nature. See our Events page for a variety of activities!

For example, you might decide that you’d like to see what birdwatching was all about. You sign up for an adventure with Audubon volunteers to learn about the intriguing behavior of great-tailed grackles, those noisy black birds that land on cars and scavenge food scraps in the Walmart parking lot! You had a fun time at Walmart, but decided you would like to see other birds in more natural areas. So you go to the Nature Walk PATH entitled “Birding,” where you find an assortment of different outings to expand your appreciation of birds. As you discover the wonders of birdlife in more remote areas, you go from merely sensing them with your eyes and ears to really immersing yourself in their amazing variety of shapes and colors and flight patterns, and their array of habitats. The nature of birdlife essentially becomes your nature, and that path can take you to amazing places around the world…just because you stepped onto a Walmart parking lot to see what birdwatching was all about!

All your PATHS along your Nature Walk probably won’t be as life changing as the birdwatching example, but if we give nature a chance its amazing powers of attraction can transform many aspects of our lives…of the lives of our children. The vast majority of today’s youth grow up in urban settings without a chance to experience the nature around them, and without a path to the natural world that awaits them outside the urban bounds.
Be Outdoors Arizona wants to change that urban-only experience of today’s youth by affording starting points for a variety of experiences in the outdoors, then following up with continuous opportunities for engaging nature. We believe that FOLLOW-UP opportunities for exposure to the outdoors and nature is essential to expanding their world view of what’s around them.

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“A growing body of research links our mental, physical, and spiritual health directly to our association with nature.”  Richard Louv -“Last Child in the Woods”


What Are Nature Walks?

We have adopted the term “Nature Walks” to describe how we have organized the different programs that we share with you from many different providers to match whichever category you should choose. Whether you’re searching for fishing activities, camping activities, educational activities or you just want to know where to go for a hiking program, Be Outdoors Arizona has what you’re looking for.  

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